Refurbishments in Harlow

At Raeburn Building Services Ltd, we have been doing refurbishment work in Harlow of over 40 years. We are extensively trained and experienced to guarantee the best quality service. Our knowledge of the trade means we are the best team around to tackle any refurbishment task no matter the size of the job.

We offer a range of refurbishing services perfect for reinventing your home. Refurbishing typically involves cleaning, repairing and retrofitting within a property. Refurbs are a popular choice for older homes, to bring them to the 21st century by installing modern features. Refurbishment is not limited to older houses as any property at any point can be upgraded.

Our Refurbishment services are perfect when looking to move into a new house or business location. Although moving into a property that needs work might seem like a hassle, it will actually allow you to take total control over the style and feel of the home. You may also save money on moving into a house, or office that needs refurbishment as they will likely sell below market value. This works both ways as you may want to refurbish a property before selling to maximise its value.

Whatever your reasons for having a property refurbished Raeburn Building Services Ltd are the perfect team for you. So if you're in Harlow and planning a new refurbishment project then contact us today. We will answer any queries you may have and are happy to provide a quote. You can call us on 01279 444 919 or 07447 413 034, or head over to our enquiry page to fill out the form with your details and we will get back to you.